Towards Snow Geese

   Notes from a predawn ride to the wildlife refuge for Snow Geese spotting: 

   "...the smell and sound of the road was transformed. From my bike, it seemed so impossibly expansive and full of breath. It is a strange thought, but never before had I tasted its air, inhaled its grit and asphalt, felt its wind, or pushed against its curves. Always it seemed an ugly thing, a method, a means, and little more. This morning I was stricken by its character and flushed with the excitement of our new relation.

    The sky was purple when I crossed the canal. The bridge rose like a giant guardian of dawn, suspension cables spinning in my periphery as I tore through the crosswind. Venus was rising in the east and I stole glances as I rode. Morning seemed a  revelation: overwhelming and sublime, like the stars over Kilimanjaro that night, so long ago."



   To watch a bird take flight is a marvelous thing. A flurry of action and erratic beauty.

   To throw oneself down a narrow roadway on two wheels is an enlightening thing. A channeling of awareness and wild exuberance.

   And so I have found my two great sufferings, my motorbike and my birds. I set out on one to appreciate the other. To lift myself in the manner of the birds.