Colombian Jeep Ride

notes from Colombia, December 2009:
   "...Late in the day, we return to the mountaintop and await the
parrots' return. Thunder shakes the valley and soon we are met with
monsoon rains. The dusk is magnificent. Rain and thunder surround us
and we sit silently beneath a tin-roofed cow pen. The earth is a
vibrant green and the rain makes the thin air shimmer.

   A flock of thirty returns, crying and cajoling as they gather in
tight groups along the tips of the palm fronds. We watch a long while.
A boy pulls a laden workhorse down the road. The clattering of the
horse and its load is clear and strong and seems the most important
sound in the world.

   At last we regather in the jeep and drive down, opposed by pouring
rain and clay-slick roads. It has been 15 hours and we are exhausted,
quiet. I am furthest back and can watch the road pass behind me. I
hang my legs out the open back and feel the rain run down my saturated
pantlegs. Lightning bugs like tiny bulbs wink and fade along the
treeline, gleeful and impermanent. I am thankful, and watch them for
as long as I can."

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